Reasons to be Cheerful

It has been a good while since I joined in with Reasons to Be Cheerful over on Michelle’s blog, but after reading her post last week about why it’s the best linky out there I felt inspired to give it a go again today.

I have a lot to be grateful for this week, and a lot of things making me happy.

A valve broke in our heating system last week, so we went from Friday night to Tuesday afternoon without any hot water in the house. Monday night chez Dorky was like a scene from a comedy film, as we spent an hour boiling saucepans of water on the stovetop to fill up the bath with. Our cruddy old hob is so slow that by the time we got through to the bathroom with a new pan full, the water from the last batch of pans was already cold, but eventually we managed a tepid six inches in the tub, which the three of us shared. Thankfully the plumber managed to get things fixed on Tuesday afternoon, and I have taken a moment to feel very grateful for every lovely hot shower I’ve had since. Continue reading

Review – Arbonne Cosmetics

Arbonne liquid eye liner

I am imagining some of my friends snorting with laughter when they see the title of this post. I’m not widely known for being a connoisseur of cosmetics.

But when I had my makeup done at the MAD Blog awards, by a very lovely lady, I was stunned by what a good job she did. Bad experiences in the past with having my makeup done meant that I had envisaged leaving the room looking totally overdone, and having to rush away to scrub it all off with wipes and start again myself. But the results were actually lovely and very natural. Me – but better.

So when Arbonne – who had provided all the products for the MADS – offered me a few goodies to try at home, I was happy to give them a shot.

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One Year On…

Last week marked one year exactly since we moved from Edinburgh to Hertfordshire, and I am pretty proud of how we are doing.

DorkySon has settled amazingly well in his new nursery – it has been an absolute delight seeing him grow in confidence, become so much more curious about the world he lives in, and spend the majority of his time as an incredibly happy wee boy. He is a lot of fun to spend time with right now.

DorkyDad is working harder than I have ever seen, learning new skills and absorbing information about a sector he hasn’t worked in before, travelling to parts of the world he never imagined visiting, and trying hard not to let the unpleasantness of a daily commute get him down.

I feel like I have whinged quite a bit about things since we moved – and it’s no secret that we don’t want to live here forever – but it has also brought some amazing opportunities for us all.

So I decided to have a read back through some of my blog posts, and reflect on ten things – big and small – that we would not have had the chance to do if we hadn’t made the move. Continue reading

Thanks for a MAD weekend.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve finally mustered the energy to put together a quick post about the MAD Blog Awards which took place in London on Friday night.

It’s just going to be a great big post full of *thank yous* to be honest.

White Stuff Upon a Time dress

Thank you to White Stuff for providing my lovely dress. I really hope no-one took any pictures of me from behind at the awards, because I only realised on Saturday morning that I’d forgotten to snip the big label out of the back. This is just one of many reasons why I am not a fashion blogger.

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The MAD Blog Awards Carnival – Fun

Mad Blog Awards 2012 logo

It still feels like a very long time until the MAD Blog Awards – the ceremony doesn’t take place until the end of September – but the MADS finalists are doing their best to keep you entertained with a series of carnivals throughout the summer.

It’s my turn to host this week, and I think I’ve got the perfect theme to combat all the doom and gloom that the bad weather has brought upon us. This carnival is all about FUN!
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