Reasons to be Cheerful

It has been a good while since I joined in with Reasons to Be Cheerful over on Michelle’s blog, but after reading her post last week about why it’s the best linky out there I felt inspired to give it a go again today.

I have a lot to be grateful for this week, and a lot of things making me happy.

A valve broke in our heating system last week, so we went from Friday night to Tuesday afternoon without any hot water in the house. Monday night chez Dorky was like a scene from a comedy film, as we spent an hour boiling saucepans of water on the stovetop to fill up the bath with. Our cruddy old hob is so slow that by the time we got through to the bathroom with a new pan full, the water from the last batch of pans was already cold, but eventually we managed a tepid six inches in the tub, which the three of us shared. Thankfully the plumber managed to get things fixed on Tuesday afternoon, and I have taken a moment to feel very grateful for every lovely hot shower I’ve had since. Continue reading

Reasons to be Cheerful

Usually when I feel compelled to join in with the Reasons to be Cheerful linky over at Mummy from the Heart, it’s because I’ve had some big news that I’m happy about.

That’s not really the case this week; it’s just that I’ve had a lovely couple of days, filled with small, special moments that I don’t want to forget.

DorkyDad has just arrived home after a two-day work conference, and as I type I can hear him and DorkySon giggling away. They are cuddled up, reading a book and catching up on each other’s news. I will never grow tired of seeing the two of them reunited after an absence.
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Reasons to be Cheerful

This is a perfect week for me to take part in Reasons to be Cheerful, because it has been a long week full of frustrating niggles and I’ve been feeling a bit grouchy. I’ve got a broken mobile phone… I’ve been struggling to find out what I’m supposed to do with my tax return… we got a puncture in a pram tyre when we were out shopping the other day… I’ve had two haircuts in ten days and I’m still not happy with it… my computer keeps crashing halfway through me filling out a form for insurance…

It has just been one of those silly weeks where little things have kept cropping up and taking up lots of time and effort to resolve. But it’s so good to keep them in perspective and realise that none of them are actually that big a deal. It’s also good to remember the many positive things we’ve got going on just now.

DorkySon is down for a nap, and I’ve got a cuppa beside me, so here goes; my reasons to be cheerful this week.
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Reasons to be Cheerful

Smiley Acid Face

Lovely Michelle over at Mummy from the Heart is hosting a Reasons to be Cheerful linky this week; and as it’s a while since I’ve taken part it one – not to mention that it’s been a while since I’ve done a simple, straightforward feel good post – I thought I’d join in.
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Reasons to be Cheerful

We are celebrating two anniversaries in the Dorky House this week. If that’s not a reason to be cheerful (and an excuse for lots of cake and champagne) I don’t know what is!

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary. In honour of the occasion, I finally hauled my mud and beer stained wedding dress out of the wardrobe, and sent it to be cleaned and boxed. I’m struggling to decide what to do with it next – I’m tempted to shove the box under the bed and keep it for some ‘just in case’ moment in the future. But I also think it’d be nice to give it to charity and let someone else get some use out of it. I’m going to keep pondering it for a while.

We took some during the week to look back through our wedding photos, which were taken by the lovely and brilliant guys at Jack Photography. And by happy coincidence, when I was rearranging some computer files, I found the epic wedding recap that I wrote shortly afterwards… all 2000 words of it!

I can’t believe how many things I’d forgotten; like the fact that I broke the zip on my bridesmaid’s dress half an hour before we were due to leave; and that the minister messed up the words and asked me if I’d take DorkyDad to be my ‘lawful wedded wife’. “Umm, no,” I said. “But I’ll take him to be my lawful wedded husband!” I’d forgotten that one of our guests joined the band for an impromptu session playing the spoons, and that shortly after leaving the wedding he was dragged back by his wife, having pocketed those spoons and forgotten about them. I’d forgotten just how good our food was, how my feet hurt from dancing and how my cheeks ached from smiling.

I’m one of those annoying people who can honestly say that their wedding day was one of the happiest of their life. No drama, very little stress, just a lovely time surrounded by family and friends… and the knowledge that it was the start of something special. The last four years have passed so quickly, and been packed so full of interesting events – I can’t wait to see where we are another four from now.

Our second anniversary this week was marking 6 months since DorkySon started nursery. It seems strange to admit it now, because those two mornings a week at nursery are so much part of our routine, but at the time it was definitely the hardest decision I’d made as a parent.

I had intended to stay a full time parent until he turned three and started his funded nursery place, but as he approached 2nd birthday in March it was becoming clear that he needed more stimulation, socialising and challenges than I was providing, and I needed a few hours a week to myself otherwise I was going to go nuts. I think the awful weather last winter exacerbated the situation – there were too many days when we were stuck inside and full of pent up energy.

We were so lucky to find a good nursery nearby – it’s small enough that all the kids and staff get to know each other, and has a lot of outdoor space. It is reasonably priced and is literally a five-minute walk from home. Despite the fact that there were a lot of staff changes soon after DorkySon starting, he settled in quickly and seems to have had a blast. He’s had the chance to do lots of activities that he wouldn’t have done at home (they had a fire engine visit last week…), his confidence has grown massively, and he never stops talking about how much he likes the people there.

From my point of view, it has been brilliant to have two mornings a week to do some bits and pieces of freelance writing, schedule appointments, do paperwork and even *pulls guilty Mummy face* go for the occasional coffee or take a nap.

I’m not sure why starting DorkySon at nursery stressed me out so much. I was deeply aware of how lucky we were to be in a position where it was through choice and not necessity. I guess part of me felt like I was somehow failing in my motherly duties by admitting that need for some time to myself, and part of me was worried that he wouldn’t adjust well to it and would be unhappy. I’m thrilled that hasn’t been the case, and now I’m just hoping desperately that when we move we can find a new nursery where he settles as quickly as he did at this one. (I’m also hoping I can pick up some more paid freelance work to justify it!).

So yes, two big occasions being marked this week, and two big reasons to be cheerful. Happy anniversaries to us!

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