Name A Day for Save the Children

I tried really hard when we were away last week to stay offline and not be constantly checking my emails or updating my status on Facebook. DorkyDad did the same and I’m sure that helped us really relax and enjoy ourselves.

I couldn’t help turning my phone on for a sneaky wee peek online last Wednesday though, when I knew that Save the Children were launching Name A Day as the next phase of their No Child Born to Die campaign. I was thrilled to see coverage of the launch in a prominent position on the BBC and Guardian websites, as well as ALL OVER Twitter and Facebook!
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DorkyMum goes to Downing Street!

10 Downing Street

Do you remember back in November I did a post about the campaign that Save the Children are running to End Extreme Hunger? Well, if you followed the link in that post to sign the petition, give yourself a pat on the back – you’re one of nearly 14,000 people to do it so far.

If you didn’t round to signing the petition last time I posted, then you can still do it on the Save the Children website now. BUT… this week, there’s another important action you can take too.
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Reasons to be Cheerful

Smiley Acid Face

Lovely Michelle over at Mummy from the Heart is hosting a Reasons to be Cheerful linky this week; and as it’s a while since I’ve taken part it one – not to mention that it’s been a while since I’ve done a simple, straightforward feel good post – I thought I’d join in.
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All I Want for Christmas (that money can’t buy)

I was lying awake the other night thinking about all the things I’d like for Christmas that money can’t buy. I thought it might make a good topic to blog about. So imagine how crabbit it made me when I turned on my computer the next morning and there was already an email in my inbox titled ‘All I Want for Christmas that Money Can’t Buy”.

Bless though, it was from the lovely Donna at Mummy Central, and she’d done a brilliant blog post on the topic. She was then kind enough to open the subject up as a linky, and has tagged me to take part. Like Donna, you can take it as a given that things like world peace and medical advancements are on my list; this is more about things that are personal to me. Here’s my wishlist.
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