Project 52: Week 11

I am posting three photos instead of one this week, because I’m so happy that spring has finally arrived. The sun has been shining, my windows have been flung open, and my wee house is filled up with fresh air and birdsong. That’s definitely worth celebrating.

Spring means beautiful flowers.

pink spring flowers
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Giggle Dreams

We’ve got a good little routine going in the mornings, these days. When DorkySon wakes up – usually sometime between 6.30-7am – I go through to get him out of his cot, change his nappy, and bring him through into our bed for some milk and cuddles.

One of my favourite parts of the day is the couple of minutes it takes me to do his nappy change in the near-dark. I’m always pretty bleary-eyed, but most days he’ll sing me a wee song, or tell me what he dreamed about that night, and it’s a lovely start to the day.
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Reasons to be Cheerful

Smiley Acid Face

Lovely Michelle over at Mummy from the Heart is hosting a Reasons to be Cheerful linky this week; and as it’s a while since I’ve taken part it one – not to mention that it’s been a while since I’ve done a simple, straightforward feel good post – I thought I’d join in.
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