Project 52: Week 11

I am posting three photos instead of one this week, because I’m so happy that spring has finally arrived. The sun has been shining, my windows have been flung open, and my wee house is filled up with fresh air and birdsong. That’s definitely worth celebrating.

Spring means beautiful flowers.

pink spring flowers

It means busy spiders spinning beautiful webs.

dew drops on a spiders web

And it means a handmade Mother’s Day card, spilling lovely golden glitter all over the house, and my hands, and my heart.

handmade mothers day card

Happy Weekend to you too.

5 responses

    • Oh bless you, thank you! I don’t use a compact digital! I have a big clunker of a camera that I use sometimes. But these ones are all just iPhone pics.

      It’s so not about perfect pictures though… I wrote a post a few weeks ago about taking photos for the good memories rather than to be technically perfect, and I think that’s so true. Look at my entry for last week, it’s a shocker!


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