Binalong Bay in Pictures

Bay of Fires

It is the middle of spring break here so I have DorkySon home from school and haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write. But we visited the East Coast of Tasmania for a few days last week and I really wanted to share a few photos.

We were staying in Binalong Bay  which is a small coastal village on the Bay of Fires, once named the best travel destination in the world by Lonely Planet. It’s about three and half hours drive from Hobart, although because we were travelling with DorkySon we chose to break the journey up with lunch on the way up (at Saltshaker in Swansea), and with ice cream on the way back (at Kate’s Berry Farm), so it probably took us more like four and a half. The roads were a bit hairy in places, but the views were spectacular for most of the way, especially driving though the wine valleys and then catching our first glimpses of that bright, white East Coast sand.

We had a really magical time. The house we were staying in – Bay of Fires Seascape – didn’t overlook the main beach at Binalong Bay, but it had an incredible view of Skeleton Bay, and all three of us spent a lot of time just gazing out the window watching the hundreds of birds, the sea, and the ever-changing light. Continue reading

An Isle of Harris Holiday: In Photos


We are back from a lovely ten days in Scotland. Two 35 hour journeys in less than a fortnight has not left me at my most eloquent, so I will save the write-up for another day, but I wanted to share a few photos of our time away.

We were staying in a stunning self-catering house called Croft Cottage, which has views of East Loch Tarbert and across to Skye. On a still night, this is what it looked like…

view from Tarbert Isle of Harris

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Why I will never be an Aurora chaser

58º North Photography Aurora Isle of Lewis

In one of those moments of synchronicity that always make us smile, DorkyDad and I bought each other the same present at Christmas. The Aurora Chaser’s Handbook. It is a gorgeous little thing, and I would highly recommend it, for the quality images, the simple but clear science and the helpful photography advice.

Partly because DorkyDad and I have both spent time in places with low light and air pollution, we are fans of the night sky. Any time there’s a full moon, an eclipse, or an especially clear night, we stand outside on our porch and gaze up in silence. We have – together and alone – taken dozens of beach walks in the dark. We have spent hours sitting and watching the cosmos, made many wishes on falling stars.

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