2014 in Photos

I realised that since I’ve started using Instagram I haven’t been sharing anywhere near as many photos on the blog, so I thought I’d better remedy that with a quick roundup of the year in pictures.

It has been a year where DorkySon has really enjoyed some hands-on art experiences…


In fact I wonder if the exhibition on the left is what inspired the glitter bombing of his own toy cars on the right…


Talking of glitter, DorkySon chose me some pretty awesome sparkly nail polish. He requested some for his own toes, but I didn’t think it would go very well with the grime he seems to gather going barefoot at the park. If his feet keep growing at the current rate (a new pair of shoes every six weeks or so) I’m going to be encouraging him to go barefoot all the time.


It was a year of hearts…


Of flowers…


And of rainbows.


It was a year of blossom…


And of blue skies.

Blue Skies

A year of street art…

Hobart Street Art

And of ghost signs.

Hobart Ghost Signs

It was a year of reading…


And a year of creating.


It was also a year of tasty things to eat…


And to drink.


A year when it was worth taking the time to look up…


And a year of beaches. Can you tell which is the Scottish one and which is the Tasmanian one?


It was a year that was busy with colour.


I was always grateful to get a few minutes to sit down with a coffee and write. Although it seems like there may be some competition in the family…


We are so grateful for a wonderful 2014, and excited to see what new adventures 2015 holds. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year, lots of love from the DorkyFamily xxx


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