DorkyDad’s Last Transmission From London

The movers are here now.  I type this against the background chatter of ripped masking tape and heavy cardboard boxes being assembled by rough, experienced hands.  Tonight this flat will be empty save for two beds and the three of us.  In just under 60 hours the plane will lift off from Heathrow, bound first for Dubai, then on beyond to Melbourne.

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One Week: Spring

It has been very quiet around here, with not much news to share, but I can never resist the opportunity to join in with Older Mum’s One Week project, which she runs once every season.

This week it’s time for us all to write a post reflecting on Spring.

It was a long time coming but now – in the first week of June – it finally feels like Spring is here. It’s a little blustery out, but there has been sunshine for the last four or five days, and it’s meant to carry on into the weekend which is good news because we’re going to our first barbecue of the year. I’m also sporting my first sunburn of the year. Never bloody learn… Continue reading

Live in the Now: May

The Bank Holiday weekend was a good reminder of how important sunshine is. Everything seems easier, everything can be done with a smile on your face, everything seems more possible when you open the curtains to a warm, bright day instead of a cold, grey one.

We had one of those weekends where it didn’t feel like we were doing very much, but we still seemed to pack it in. A lovely lunch and an afternoon at the park with a friend we hadn’t seen for a long time. (‘Jeez,‘ she said. ‘Is this what people do in the suburbs?‘) A drink at the pub in town with a beer garden where, to DorkySon’s delight, there was a bouncy castle set up. A little potter around the farmer’s market to pick up some local honey and strawberries. And some bread and ham. And some cheese and radishes. Oh, and some chicken, and some ribs. And some freshly ground coffee… Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who wrote ‘I can resist anything but temptation.’
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A Spring Walk

Last week I wrote a post about my aim to do more walking – not just to the shops or on the nursery run, but further afield. I said that I wanted to explore parts of the local area that I haven’t yet visited.

Well, yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so that’s exactly what I did. After dropping DorkySon at nursery, I came home and stuck an apple and my camera in my shoulder bag – completely ignoring the sideboard full of dishes and the basket full of laundry – before heading straight back out the door again.

Goodness, I’m glad I did.

I went in the opposite direction to usual, along streets that I haven’t walked more than once or twice before, and there were beautiful blossoming trees all along the way.

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