Live in the Now: May

The Bank Holiday weekend was a good reminder of how important sunshine is. Everything seems easier, everything can be done with a smile on your face, everything seems more possible when you open the curtains to a warm, bright day instead of a cold, grey one.

We had one of those weekends where it didn’t feel like we were doing very much, but we still seemed to pack it in. A lovely lunch and an afternoon at the park with a friend we hadn’t seen for a long time. (‘Jeez,‘ she said. ‘Is this what people do in the suburbs?‘) A drink at the pub in town with a beer garden where, to DorkySon’s delight, there was a bouncy castle set up. A little potter around the farmer’s market to pick up some local honey and strawberries. And some bread and ham. And some cheese and radishes. Oh, and some chicken, and some ribs. And some freshly ground coffee… Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who wrote ‘I can resist anything but temptation.’
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Live in the Now: March

I know I’m a little bit biased, but I do think that DorkySon is one of the loveliest boys in the world.

We walked past a shop window the other day that had a huge Victorian doll’s house on display.

Ooh,” I said. “What a pity we don’t have room for that in our house.

I know,” said DorkySon. “It’s such a shame. But come here and let me give you cuddle to take your mind off it.Continue reading

Live in the Now February

February already!

It’s not my favourite month, to be honest. It’s such a tease.

One day you can walk through the park without even a jacket, admiring the snowdrops and daffodils that are poking their heads through the earth, and lifting your face to feel the warmth of the sun. It can really feel like spring is within touching distance. The next day it’s back to hat, gloves and scarf, and you walk through that same park cursing the slap of wind and rain on your cheeks. As I type this morning, there are several inches of snow on the ground, and those poor daffodils must be wishing they could tuck back down into the soil. Continue reading

Live in the Now January

Edinburgh in the snow

Back in December I did a Live in the Now post, for the first time in months, where I took some time to just look around at our life and reflect on where we all are. I’m going to try and keep that going throughout 2013, as a way of remembering the little things that don’t really warrant a post to themselves. Continue reading

Live in the Now: December

When my friend Caroline was still blogging as Scribbling Mum (and before she’d started a bid for book-related world domination with the Green Door Bookshop) she ran a monthly post called Live in the Now, where she took time to sit and write a round-up post of all the things going on in her family’s lives, and to appreciate those small happy moments that come from being a parent

I haven’t done one of those posts in a while, but it seems like a nice time of year to pause and take stock of where we are.

As I type, DorkySon is at nursery, having a final run-through of his nativity before we are invited to go and watch. There is a cardboard and tinfoil crown sitting on the dining room table, along with a red velvet cloak that we have borrowed from a friend. I cannot wait to see my little King sing his heart out this afternoon.

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