Live in the Now: May

The Bank Holiday weekend was a good reminder of how important sunshine is. Everything seems easier, everything can be done with a smile on your face, everything seems more possible when you open the curtains to a warm, bright day instead of a cold, grey one.

We had one of those weekends where it didn’t feel like we were doing very much, but we still seemed to pack it in. A lovely lunch and an afternoon at the park with a friend we hadn’t seen for a long time. (‘Jeez,‘ she said. ‘Is this what people do in the suburbs?‘) A drink at the pub in town with a beer garden where, to DorkySon’s delight, there was a bouncy castle set up. A little potter around the farmer’s market to pick up some local honey and strawberries. And some bread and ham. And some cheese and radishes. Oh, and some chicken, and some ribs. And some freshly ground coffee… Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who wrote ‘I can resist anything but temptation.’
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Project 52: Week 17

child at picnic

Given how heavy the rain is today, you probably wouldn’t believe that yesterday was picnic weather… but it was. After a fun afternoon in the park helping DorkySon learn to ride his new bike, we pulled out the picnic rug and a few snacks, and plonked ourselves on the grass.

I hope there’s a lot more of this to come.