My Word for 2014: A Reflection

journal writing

This time last year I did Susannah Conway’s Unravelling The Year workbook, which is a really helpful exercise that I’ve now done for three years running. It is an opportunity to sit down and reflect on the year that has just passed, celebrating your personal and professional achievements, and working out how you want to build on those the following year. If you have the chance to take a look I’d definitely recommend it.

As part of the workbook, I also chose my Word for 2014, which was Learning.

There were lots of things I wanted to learn. I wanted to learn more about the new place we had just moved to, to learn alongside DorkySon as he started kindergarten, to learn more about my own strengths and weaknesses, and to learn how to strengthen and energise my relationship with DorkyDad.

I can’t quite believe how quickly the last twelve months have gone. But at the same time when I look back at the blog posts I’ve written, the photos I’ve taken, and the memories we’ve made, I can’t believe how much we’ve packed into the year either.

How did the learning go?

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Live in the Now: December

When my friend Caroline was still blogging as Scribbling Mum (and before she’d started a bid for book-related world domination with the Green Door Bookshop) she ran a monthly post called Live in the Now, where she took time to sit and write a round-up post of all the things going on in her family’s lives, and to appreciate those small happy moments that come from being a parent

I haven’t done one of those posts in a while, but it seems like a nice time of year to pause and take stock of where we are.

As I type, DorkySon is at nursery, having a final run-through of his nativity before we are invited to go and watch. There is a cardboard and tinfoil crown sitting on the dining room table, along with a red velvet cloak that we have borrowed from a friend. I cannot wait to see my little King sing his heart out this afternoon.

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Place and Time

stained glass window with bird

Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night, I lie in bed and try to remember the exact layout of houses that I’ve lived in. I’ll imagine myself walking around them, picking out as many small details as I can.

There are four that I can remember with real clarity; the house on Harris where I spent all of my early childhood, my Grandpa’s house in Staffordshire, where I used to spend lots of holidays, the farmhouse in the Borders where I spent most of my teenage years, and the house in Edinburgh that I lived in until a year ago.

There are other places that I can remember a few details of. There was a white cottage on Lewis where I lived with my Mum for a year, and then a townhouse in the Borders where I also spent about year. And of course, there were several flats in Edinburgh where I lived as a student. But the memories of those places are a bit fuzzier.
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