An Isle of Harris Holiday: In Photos


We are back from a lovely ten days in Scotland. Two 35 hour journeys in less than a fortnight has not left me at my most eloquent, so I will save the write-up for another day, but I wanted to share a few photos of our time away.

We were staying in a stunning self-catering house called Croft Cottage, which has views of East Loch Tarbert and across to Skye. On a still night, this is what it looked like…

view from Tarbert Isle of Harris

And if you crouch down and peer through the heather it looks like this… But be careful not to sit on a thistle. Ouch.

beautiful Isle of Harris photo

The light was stunning on sunny days…

sunshine on isle of harris

But also lovely on less sunny days…

mist on the Isle of Harris

Whoever had stayed in the cottage before us had obviously been feeding the gulls, because every evening, just before dinner, there was the tap of a beak on the dining room door…

isle of harris seagull photo

And when dinner looked like this – straight from creel to kitchen (via the good folk at Croft 36) – who can blame him for trying?

Lobster creels leverburgh isle of harris

Have I ever mentioned how much I love stacks of buoys and coils of rope?

Leverburgh fishing isle of harris

I’m also a sucker for a clapped-out minibus.

rusty red minibus Isle of Harris

We saw big boats and little boats…

Caledonian Macbrayne ferry isle of harris

Pretty Stornoway doorways, and Lego street art…

Stornoway Isle of Lewis

On sunny days we headed to the beach…

beach Isle of HarrisAnd on rainy days we retreated to the bar, where we tried to convert our Scottish friends to Tasmanian whisky drinkers. You’ll see from the half empty bottle that we were quite successful.

Harris Hotel Whisky Bar

After a lovely time, we had to head for home. Cheerio Scotland, until next time.

rain at glasgow airport


15 responses

  1. Your trip looks absolutely amazing! I love Scotland, but I haven’t been in over 23 years… that’s too long right?? I need to go back! I Look forward to your write up!

  2. My daughter has been wanting to go to Scotland for years. I am forwarding your blog to her, she will love the photographs. We just might have to plan a trip!

  3. i would love to visit Scotland and the more rural sides of it liuke this so beautiful to look at. you captured some stunning pics of its landscape
    thanks for allowing me to sue this in my carnival (live on the 12th ) x

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  5. laughed at the thistle – sorry. what beautiful sky pictures, and my oh is obsessed with piles of ropes and lobster pots as well.
    The islands make fab holidays if the weather is nice not so great if it rans.
    found you through Jennie’s round up

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