Golden Slumbers

A version of this post appeared on Jennifer’s Little World earlier in the year.


A few years ago, when DorkySon was just a tiny toddler, my Dad came to visit and we went out for a walk. As I pushed the pram along, Dad kept skipping ahead to peek into it.

What are you doing?’ I asked, laughing?

Just watching him fall asleep,’ said Dad. ‘It’s one of the loveliest things to see.

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Giggle Dreams

We’ve got a good little routine going in the mornings, these days. When DorkySon wakes up – usually sometime between 6.30-7am – I go through to get him out of his cot, change his nappy, and bring him through into our bed for some milk and cuddles.

One of my favourite parts of the day is the couple of minutes it takes me to do his nappy change in the near-dark. I’m always pretty bleary-eyed, but most days he’ll sing me a wee song, or tell me what he dreamed about that night, and it’s a lovely start to the day.
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