Break the Chains of Hunger

Save the Children Break the Chains of Hunger

Do you remember chain letters? Given the ever-increasing price of stamps, I can’t imagine that anyone actually sends them through the post anymore, but when I was a wee girl I remember them doing the rounds at school every so often, with the promise of twenty friendship bracelets or twenty mix tapes or twenty Boyzone posters if you kept the chain going…

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Name A Day for Save the Children

I tried really hard when we were away last week to stay offline and not be constantly checking my emails or updating my status on Facebook. DorkyDad did the same and I’m sure that helped us really relax and enjoy ourselves.

I couldn’t help turning my phone on for a sneaky wee peek online last Wednesday though, when I knew that Save the Children were launching Name A Day as the next phase of their No Child Born to Die campaign. I was thrilled to see coverage of the launch in a prominent position on the BBC and Guardian websites, as well as ALL OVER Twitter and Facebook!
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Blowing my own Trumpet

Toot Toot!

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of me warming up, because I’m about to blow my own trumpet for a minute. I’ve had an exciting writing week off-blog, and just wanted to share a few links with you.
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