Enough Food If…

IF campaign launch Somerset House

There is nothing more powerful than feeling like you are part of a movement

Last night – standing outside Somerset House, with several brilliant bloggers tweeting away beside me, and Bill Nighy on stage in front of me talking passionately about land grabs and tax dodging and poverty as a form of slavery – I started to get that tiny tingle in my toes. It wasn’t just the cold. It was the feeling of excitement, anticipation and empowerment that comes when you start to believe that change is possible.

What IF we were the generation that could put an end to world hunger?

More than 100 charities believe that it is possible, and they’ve joined forces to launch the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign.

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Break the Chains of Hunger

Save the Children Break the Chains of Hunger

Do you remember chain letters? Given the ever-increasing price of stamps, I can’t imagine that anyone actually sends them through the post anymore, but when I was a wee girl I remember them doing the rounds at school every so often, with the promise of twenty friendship bracelets or twenty mix tapes or twenty Boyzone posters if you kept the chain going…

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