Break the Chains of Hunger

Save the Children Break the Chains of Hunger

Do you remember chain letters? Given the ever-increasing price of stamps, I can’t imagine that anyone actually sends them through the post anymore, but when I was a wee girl I remember them doing the rounds at school every so often, with the promise of twenty friendship bracelets or twenty mix tapes or twenty Boyzone posters if you kept the chain going…

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Calling for an End to Killing in Syria

Before I became DorkyMum, I worked full time as a climate change campaigner. It was a brilliant job – especially for a recent graduate – as it required me to develop so many different skills. I had to do a bit of fundraising, a bit of media work, some political lobbying, supporting volunteers, organising events and – of course – lots of pretty dull admin stuff too.

Towards the end of my three years there, I started to become a bit disheartened with the work. It felt like the results we were getting from our campaigns were in no way equal to the effort we were all putting in. It was so frustrating to be working full time on something and only ever celebrating the smallest of victories. With all the will in the world, we could organise a hundred postcard campaigns or lobbies of parliament, and we would never achieve our aim of halting human induced climate change.
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