Thank you.

Sometimes it’s really nice just to say a very genuine thank you.

Not ‘thank you, and now could you please vote for me again‘.

Not ‘thank you for reading and now could you sign this petition.

Just thank you.

In February I did a post about Save the Children’s Name a Day campaign, which called on Prime Minister David Cameron to name a day during the Olympics when he would host a world hunger summit.

I asked you to sign a petition, to name your own day when you would take action for Save the Children, and to share details of the campaign as widely as you could, through Facebook, Twitter and email. Lots of you did that.

Today – as a result of all those emails and petition signatures – David Cameron announced that he will hold that summit.

Save the Children’s Chief Executive Justin Forsyth said “With over a hundred heads of state visiting, the Olympics offers a unique opportunity to leave a global legacy beyond sport. By galvanising other world leaders, the private sector, charities and the public, the Prime Minister can help save millions of children’s lives. This is a fight the world can win, and this is the time to act.

If you were one of those who took action as part of the Name a Day campaign, you can feel very proud. You have made a real difference. Thank you.

Save the Children

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    • 🙂 It’s brilliant that after asking people to do things you can then turn round and show them the successes too, makes me so happy! xx

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