The Gallery: Picture Postcard

Edinburgh Castle

The theme of the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers today is Picture Postcard.

I’m not quite sure why I love this shot so much. It really shouldn’t work – I’ve got the fence in focus instead of the castle – but I guess in my mind those spikey black fences are as much a part of Edinburgh’s character as the castle itself. And even when it’s not the focus, the outline of the castle is so distinctive that you couldn’t mistake this for a photo of any other city in the world.

I’ve given it an old-timey look, because I’m a sucker for those rounded corners.

38 responses

  1. It’s a very nostalgic looking photo. I like the fact that the railings are the focal point. The colours are fab too x

  2. It’s a gorgeous photo. I love that the castle isn’t in focus because then it would be exactly like any other postcard of Edinburgh!

    • I hope you get there! It’s a brilliant city, so much to do. Always better if the weather is kind, of course! LEt me know if you get a date in the diary and I’ll send you a link to my A-Z of the city, lots of hidden secrets! x

  3. Wicked photo! I’ve only been to Edinburgh once and I knew where it was right away! You clever photo-ing lady you!

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