Project 52: Week 20. Notebooks

pretty stationery

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bad case of bloggers block. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about. A couple of times I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea, but then I’d fall straight back to sleep and by the morning the inspiration had gone.

I had a bit of a grumble about it on Twitter, and someone suggested that I needed ย to get a notebook to keep beside the bed. It seemed like a good excuse to invest in some pretty stationery, and guess what? It has worked. I’ve not just got a beside-the-bed notebook, I’ve also got an in-the-kitchen one and an in-the-handbag one. I’m bursting with ideas. Whenever anything comes to mind, I scribble it down. Sometimes I turn the scribblings into blog posts, and sometimes they come to nothing.

It has been a great reminder that for all I rely on my computer and phone, sometimes reverting to good, old-fashioned pen and paper is the best solution.

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  1. You’re turning into me (there’s a thought…) – I still use good old fashioned pen and paper (filofax) every day ๐Ÿ™‚ AND I have a notebook by the bed.

    • I did all the way through uni – my essay writing used to involve cutting up and pritt-sticking together lots of notes! Then I trained myself to type straight onto the screen, but it’s still so useful to have somewhere to scribble odds and ends.

  2. Brilliant idea- to keep it in one place that is!! I am always jotting down bloggy ideas, but here and there, on random scraps, and do I ever find them?? Heck no!
    I am soooo impressed that you blog daily… I have never achieved that kind of discipline – I think it’s because I have an equal number of email subscribers to followers, so I imagine people’s inboxes getting stuffed with my ‘Lupus in Flights’ and I can’t bear the thought of someone thinking “Oh no, not another post from Shaista!”
    Any advice?!!

    • You’ve just caught me on a good week! I quite often only blog two or three times a week. If you take photos then a lot of the linkys like Project 52 and Silent Sunday are a good way to do more posts. Most important thing is to have fun though! Xx

    • Oh go on, do share! We are a many notebooked household too – for to-do lists, shopping lists, writing poetry etc.., just hadn’t had a dedicated blog one before! X

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