Holidays, and a thank you

Kettering Tasmania


Sofa snuggles, Easter eggs, Blinking Billy Point. Painting, playmobil, picnics at the park. Churros at Chulo. Wings at the Winston. Cheese and wine on beautiful Bruny. Adventure Bay, Margate, Kettering, Snug. Log fires, roast dinners, crosswords in bed. New dress, a birthday, flowers from the garden. An eclipse, a rainbow, snow on the mountain. The Aurora Australis, in the sea, not the sky.


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10 Things I Loved About BritMums Live

Howdy-doodle! It has been very quiet on here the last week or two, hasn’t it? That’s because we’ve been up in Scotland on holiday – blog post and photos to follow later in the week – but it’s also because I’ve been recovering from the fun that was BritMums Live 2013.

One central London venue, 550 bloggers, a smattering of celebs and several conference sessions that provided free wine on the tables… talk about a surefire recipe for success.

This was my second year at BritMums Live. Last year, as a bit of a blogging newbie, I found it all completely overwhelming but this year I paced myself a bit better and had a brilliant time. Rather than doing a minute-by-minute rundown, I thought I’d share my ten highlights. Continue reading

BritMums Live: Mixed Feelings

BritMums Live 2012

I always find it useful taking a day or two to reflect on a new experience before writing about it, and this weekend – BritMums Live and the Brilliance in Blogging Awards – is no exception. The post I can write today is a lot more measured than the post I would have written on Friday night.

Friday was the BiB Awards, and I will confess to finding the event totally overwhelming and not a lot of fun. I headed into London late Friday afternoon with friend and fellow nominee Emily (The Start up Wife). We had a lovely walk from the station to the venue – although we were so busy chatting that we didn’t pay enough attention to the map and took a much longer route than we needed to. It led us through some funky and interesting parts of London though, and gave Emily the chance to take some photos.

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Syria: A Day of Protest

No matter how long you have been a writer for, how skilled you are with words, or how passionate you are about a subject; there are times when you just cannot find the right way to adequately express how you feel. There are times when the world is so dark that you feel your own small actions cannot possibly help create even the smallest spark of light.

I have been completely numbed this week by what I’ve read about the situation in Syria. I was shocked, in particular, by the Times article on Wednesday that set out in truly horrifying detail what took place in Houla. 49 children were killed – not in some accidental explosion, but deliberately, violently, one by one.

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Here’s My Happy Face!

This is my happy face.

When the photo was taken (by brilliant Edinburgh photographer Margaret Clift McNulty), I had a happy face because it was the day of DorkySon’s Christening and I was having a wonderful time in the sunshine with family and friends.

Today I have a happy face because it has been a week of very good bloggity news.
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