An Interview with Cherry Healey

A portrait of Cherry Healey, journalist and television Presenter

One of my highlights at BritMums Live was getting the chance to hear and meet television presenter Cherry Healey. Cherry is best known for her BBC3 Documentaries, and her presentation at BritMums – 360 Media – was about the importance of blogging and social media in shaping those programmes.

She was a huge hit with the audience, coming across as very sincere and approachable, and she stuck around afterwards for a good chat with lots of bloggers. It was lovely to see a high profile figure being so generous with their time and attention.

After BritMums, I approached Cherry to ask if she would do a quick interview for me to publish on DorkyMum and she said yes – hurrah! – so here it is.
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BritMums Live: Mixed Feelings

BritMums Live 2012

I always find it useful taking a day or two to reflect on a new experience before writing about it, and this weekend – BritMums Live and the Brilliance in Blogging Awards – is no exception. The post I can write today is a lot more measured than the post I would have written on Friday night.

Friday was the BiB Awards, and I will confess to finding the event totally overwhelming and not a lot of fun. I headed into London late Friday afternoon with friend and fellow nominee Emily (The Start up Wife). We had a lovely walk from the station to the venue – although we were so busy chatting that we didn’t pay enough attention to the map and took a much longer route than we needed to. It led us through some funky and interesting parts of London though, and gave Emily the chance to take some photos.

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