An Interview with Cherry Healey

A portrait of Cherry Healey, journalist and television Presenter

One of my highlights at BritMums Live was getting the chance to hear and meet television presenter Cherry Healey. Cherry is best known for her BBC3 Documentaries, and her presentation at BritMums – 360 Media – was about the importance of blogging and social media in shaping those programmes.

She was a huge hit with the audience, coming across as very sincere and approachable, and she stuck around afterwards for a good chat with lots of bloggers. It was lovely to see a high profile figure being so generous with their time and attention.

After BritMums, I approached Cherry to ask if she would do a quick interview for me to publish on DorkyMum and she said yes – hurrah! – so here it is.

Thanks for agreeing to speak with me Cherry! What was your favourite moment at BritMums Live?

Without a doubt the final session when the bloggers read out a piece from their site. Everyone was in tears – from both crying and laughing. There are some incredibly talented writers out there.

What charities do you support?

I support North West Cancer Research Fund. They are trying to promote awareness of Ovarian cancer which is relatively under the radar. Many women aren’t aware of the symptoms or how to diagnose it. Before I started working with them I thought a smear test was the answer. They have a really clear list of the symptoms on their website.

What was the first gig you ever went to?

Bryan Adams. I was 11 and I wore my coolest outift: red bandana, jean shorts and my brothers enormous DM’s. I looked like a right plonker but I ROCKED OUT MAN. It was amazing when he played Everything I Do. I was in love.

What is your favourite bit of London?

So so so many parts. I love the mayhem of Soho, I love trendpot watching in Shoreditch, there is a hill in Richmond where there is an amazing view of the river – that’s pretty gorgeous. I love that at any point in the year, there will be something surprising happening on the South Bank and just walking over Waterloo Bridge makes me want to break out into song. I love London. Does it show?

Are you political?

I think, really, we all are. If we pay taxes, if we don’t. If we want our rubbish to be collected, if we want our sani pads to be cheaper, if we aren’t happy with the education in our local area. It’s quite a challenge not to be political.

Which of the documentaries you’ve made has had the most impact on your own life?

All of them have in some way. But perhaps the most obvious was the pregnancy programme. I was terrified of giving birth and beocming a mum – I felt propelled into it way before I was ready. But talking to all the women whilst making the film gave me some much needed perspective.

What documentary would you like to make that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

So many. And I’m not giving my ideas away haaaaaaa!

What are your guilty pleasures?

Eating nutella out of the jar with breadsticks, using a few hours of childcare to sit in a cafe and people watch, scouring fashion blogging sites when I should be doing work, eating ketchup with everything (essentially making all foods a pudding). As a starter for ten…

Olympics – did you love them or loathe them?

I was quite lukewarm at the beginning but the moment they started I LOVED them. I regret not seeing their potential for joyousness before they started. I have learnt a lesson about being a grinch.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

My mum’s chicken pie and bread & butter pudding (made with brioche and apricot jam baby) is pretty impossible to beat.

What were your holidays like as a child?

Mainly trying to convey to my mother that my brothers teasing was driving me insane. And when I wasn’t doing that, really lovely! We mostly rented a cottage in Devon or such like and went on walks, played and watched movies together.

Who are your heroes?

I think Gabby Logan and Clare Balding have been my most recent female goddesses. They did an incredible job over the Olympics. And obvs Jessica Ennis is the person I think about when I can’t be bothered to go to the gym. Her abs drive me there.

What do you like to read?

I wish I wish I wish I read more. When I do, I love it. Most recently I read Stuart, A Life Backwards which is just incredible. I loved Levi’s If This Is A Man. Even writing this answer has re-inspired me to read more this week. Thank you question 13.

Which other BBC Presenter would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?

Brian Cox. Because I would want to ask him lots of science question (I love space n stars n universe stuff) and then realise about twenty seconds into his answer that I had no idea what he was talking about. I would need a good ‘ooo that’s interesting face’ on that day.

Thanks very much, lovely Cherry Healey!

Cherry Healey with a blogger at BritMums Live in 2012
(This is a picture of Cherry Healey with Chloe from Cookie Jar Life that I took at BritMums Live. Thanks to Chloe for letting me use it!) 

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  1. Oh I love her. She’s so down to earth – and how resourceful are you, grabbing a chance for a celebrity interview? If I’d been at Britmums, I’d probably have been too busy gossiping and drinking wine!

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