Holidays, and a thank you

Kettering Tasmania


Sofa snuggles, Easter eggs, Blinking Billy Point. Painting, playmobil, picnics at the park. Churros at Chulo. Wings at the Winston. Cheese and wine on beautiful Bruny. Adventure Bay, Margate, Kettering, Snug. Log fires, roast dinners, crosswords in bed. New dress, a birthday, flowers from the garden. An eclipse, a rainbow, snow on the mountain. The Aurora Australis, in the sea, not the sky.


It is still the school holidays, here in Tassie. So there has been a lot going on for the last two weeks, but not much of it has involved a pen in my hand. The poor old blog has been a bit neglected.

DorkySon heads back to kindy next week and normal blogging service will hopefully be resumed. I just wanted to pop in briefly before then to say the biggest thank you to all my readers.

I found out yesterday that I have been shortlisted for Best Writer at the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. It’s a wonderful (and daunting) shortlist. Most of my very favourite blogs are on the list with me, so I don’t expect to go any further but I can at least feel a little less embarrassed now when DorkySon tells people that I am ‘a mummy and a writer’.

In order to progress to the finals, I need your votes. You can take the girl out of Britain, but you can’t take Britain out of the girl, so it’s mildly completely excruciating to ask, but if you’ve enjoyed reading DorkyMum over the last year and you have a spare few minutes, I’d be honoured if you’d take the time to vote for me on the BritMums website here.

Thank you so much. I’ve been writing on DorkyMum for three years now – it was my blog anniversary earlier this week – and it would be no fun without such lovely readers!


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  1. Whoop! Really hoping Brit Mums will do a video link up with you like they do at the Odcars and stuff like that 🙂 Good luck with the awards x

  2. Congratulations, that’s great news and well deserved! I too hope they do a video link up! 🙂 Emma x

  3. You are an INCREDIBLE writer, Ruth. This is very well deserved recognition! (oh, and I’m really enjoying your photos across social media of your New World as well!) xox

  4. Congratulations – but I’m only voting if you promise to come back to the UK for the awards if you make it to the final. I’ll happily provide the accommodation! x

  5. You are an amazing writer and the nomination is well deserved! Such a shame you won’t be there! It would have been lovely to see you! sure they won’t fly you back for it?

  6. I have always loved your writing. You are so talented. My money is on you to win. You so deserve it…. and even better, you are such a lovely friend. The very best of luck. Xxx

  7. Your blog has always been a place for me to come and get lost for a little while. You absolutely are a writer and I have no doubt that you will be in the list of finalists. Congratulations x

  8. Your life sounds pretty good right now, with a Bibs success to boot. Well done x

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