Easter, and an Anniversary

Moo Brew vases

It is Easter Sunday. The bunny came by this morning, dropped off a chocolate egg for each of us. We lay in bed, read books, came down for a bacon and pancake breakfast. Now the log fire is burning, there is a bottle of something bubbly open, and DorkySon is sitting on the floor finger painting. Judging by the heavy scent in the air, the roast beef is about twenty minutes from done.

This time a year ago exactly we had just arrived back in the UK after a five-day visit to Tasmania. I arrived here adamant that we would not be moving. I left a convert, full of courage and a sense of adventure, confident that this island on the edge would be a good home for my little family.

What was it that changed my mind?

Was it the gnocchi at Maldini, light as kisses, eaten by candlelight?

Was it the street art? The painted pigeons, the pipes and flowers, the paisley patterned fuse box around every corner?

Was it the tempura blue eye and crispy hot fries at Fish Frenzy?

Was it two Huon tulips, presented with a smile and left to bloom in a Moo Brew bottle?

Was it Katrina? The hotel cleaner who was so kind to DorkySon, leaving a little gift bag of Tassie chocolate outside the door on the day we left.

Was it breakfast at the Harbour Lights? Fresh orange juice and perfectly poached eggs?

Was it the ice cream that DorkySon and I shared in a shady courtyard? The ships in the harbour? The parrots in the playground?

Was it Louis Bernacchi and Joe standing tall and posing for photos?

It was all of that. And none of it. It was the wish in the fountain. The epic encouragement of friends in the computer. The patient husband. The excited son. The late night list of pros and cons.

It was the soaring rainbow over Mount Wellington, glimpsed from a taxi window as we headed back to the airport.

Our roast dinner is ready now.

DorkyDad looks up at me and smiles.

What a day,” he says. “Rain and sun.

DorkySon,” he asks. “What do you get when there’s rain and sun?

Rainbows,” says DorkySon.

We look out the window and, no word of a lie, there is one right there. Bright and smiling.

Happy Easter, friends.

Have a good one.


I have written about Tasmanian life in a couple of other places recently. It would be lovely if you could pop over and show some love to Bod for Tea , A Beautiful Space and Expats Blog who have been kind enough to host me over the last week or two. 

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  1. That is lovely, I remember when you were going for your visit… I cannot believe it has been a year since then already! 🙂

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