Syria: A Day of Protest

No matter how long you have been a writer for, how skilled you are with words, or how passionate you are about a subject; there are times when you just cannot find the right way to adequately express how you feel. There are times when the world is so dark that you feel your own small actions cannot possibly help create even the smallest spark of light.

I have been completely numbed this week by what I’ve read about the situation in Syria. I was shocked, in particular, by the Times article on Wednesday that set out in truly horrifying detail what took place in Houla. 49 children were killed – not in some accidental explosion, but deliberately, violently, one by one.

I cannot bring myself to share more of the details on here – there are numerous news sites where you can read about it in full – but I have spent the whole week getting my head around the fact that it’s only by accident of birth the massacred children were not yours or mine. All week I have held my own son a little tighter.

Earlier in the week, a Syrian diplomat in the US defected from the Assad regime, saying that there comes a point ‘when silence or inaction becomes ethically or morally unacceptable.’ That point has been reached.

Today, the UK parent blogging community is uniting to call for action in Syria.

There is a Save the Children petition calling on world leaders to put in place an immediate and legally binding “Resolution to Protect Children” – 10,000 people signed it in the 48 hours after the publication of the Times article – if you haven’t yet added your name PLEASE DO IT NOW.

There is an Amnesty International petition, calling on Russia to stop supplying the Syrian Government with arms. If you haven’t signed it, PLEASE DO SO NOW.

There is an Avaaz petition to the UN here. PLEASE SIGN IT.

Finally, there is a protest at the Syrian Embassy in London on Sunday 10th June from 12-2pm. If you can possibly attend, then PLEASE DO.

Whatever you do, even if it feels like it is not enough, do something. Share this post on Facebook, write your own, RT someone’s tweet – take one action that will add your voice to the ever-growing chorus of people who condemn the situation in Syria.

The killing must stop.

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  1. You’re so right about having to attempt to do something, no matter how small. I feel completely helpless and kept checking on my daughter as she slept last night, as the images of those children played through my head yesterday evening.

  2. I have to say I’ve also been horrified beyond words Ruth. I’ve had to force myself to read the details, in order to take part today. It would be so much easier to block it out and try to forget about it. But if my kids were in this sort of danger, I’d want parents all over the world shouting for this to stop. That’s what we must do, and hope somebody is listening.
    Donna x

    • Likewise, I knew there was a lot of unpleasant stuff going on, but I’ve been skipping over the details. The Times article was a real game changer for me – I made myself read it – so hard to get your head around though. Good for you speaking out now too xxx

  3. I have been away for a couple of days with family and I return to catch up on all these posts. While I was playing this atrocity was going on elsewhere in the world. Well said. I have signed everything.

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