Reasons to be Cheerful

It has been a good while since I joined in with Reasons to Be Cheerful over on Michelle’s blog, but after reading her post last week about why it’s the best linky out there I felt inspired to give it a go again today.

I have a lot to be grateful for this week, and a lot of things making me happy.

A valve broke in our heating system last week, so we went from Friday night to Tuesday afternoon without any hot water in the house. Monday night chez Dorky was like a scene from a comedy film, as we spent an hour boiling saucepans of water on the stovetop to fill up the bath with. Our cruddy old hob is so slow that by the time we got through to the bathroom with a new pan full, the water from the last batch of pans was already cold, but eventually we managed a tepid six inches in the tub, which the three of us shared. Thankfully the plumber managed to get things fixed on Tuesday afternoon, and I have taken a moment to feel very grateful for every lovely hot shower I’ve had since. Continue reading

Blogging has changed the way I live my life!

Today’s post is from a lovely lady who I have mentioned on here before because she is such a warm and encouraging person, and has been a huge support for me during the time I’ve been blogging. It is the marvellous Michelle from Mummy from the Heart.

ONE Campaign Ethiopia

Blogging has changed the way I live my life!

That is quite a statement isn’t it? You might think that I’m exaggerating but I really have thought this through and truly, since I started blogging in 2008 I am a changed woman.  The journey did start before this time but I can attribute blogging and the amazing people I have met though blogging as a real spur towards transforming my life as I know it. Continue reading

Supporting TwoMums on their OneMums Journey

OneMums OneMoms campaign

A few days ago I did a post over on the Blog4Charity site about my blogging friends Michelle and Jen who are currently in Ethiopia with the One Campaign.

Jen (who is a co-founder of BritMums) and Michelle (who blogs as Mummy from the Heart) have both been hugely supportive and encouraging in my short time as a blogger, and I’m really pleased that I can help tell their stories to a wider audience.
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Reasons to be Cheerful

Usually when I feel compelled to join in with the Reasons to be Cheerful linky over at Mummy from the Heart, it’s because I’ve had some big news that I’m happy about.

That’s not really the case this week; it’s just that I’ve had a lovely couple of days, filled with small, special moments that I don’t want to forget.

DorkyDad has just arrived home after a two-day work conference, and as I type I can hear him and DorkySon giggling away. They are cuddled up, reading a book and catching up on each other’s news. I will never grow tired of seeing the two of them reunited after an absence.
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