Blogging has changed the way I live my life!

Today’s post is from a lovely lady who I have mentioned on here before because she is such a warm and encouraging person, and has been a huge support for me during the time I’ve been blogging. It is the marvellous Michelle from Mummy from the Heart.

ONE Campaign Ethiopia

Blogging has changed the way I live my life!

That is quite a statement isn’t it? You might think that I’m exaggerating but I really have thought this through and truly, since I started blogging in 2008 I am a changed woman.  The journey did start before this time but I can attribute blogging and the amazing people I have met though blogging as a real spur towards transforming my life as I know it. Continue reading

Supporting TwoMums on their OneMums Journey

OneMums OneMoms campaign

A few days ago I did a post over on the Blog4Charity site about my blogging friends Michelle and Jen who are currently in Ethiopia with the One Campaign.

Jen (who is a co-founder of BritMums) and Michelle (who blogs as Mummy from the Heart) have both been hugely supportive and encouraging in my short time as a blogger, and I’m really pleased that I can help tell their stories to a wider audience.
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