Fashion – Who Cares?

red silk dress

So apparently it’s London Fashion Week. Or LFW as those in the know seem to be calling it.

Now, I like to think of myself as a fairly open minded kind of person, with a broad range of interests. But when it comes to the F word, I struggle to count how many damns I do not give.

It really, truly, genuinely baffles me that otherwise quite sane people can go into raptures over a heeled shoe, a hat or handbag.

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Wearing your Tweets with Pride

tweet necklace twitter necklace

I had a lovely lunch with my friend Emily from The Startup Wife today. DorkySon and Emily’s son O are a similar age and are very cute to watch together. Her other son M is quite possibly the most adorable, laid back toddler I’ve ever met, with a smile that would shatter even the stoniest of hearts.

DorkySon and O were as excited as ever about the pizza, chips and ice cream that they always order in this restaurant. And I will confess that as well as being pleased to see Emily, I was *very* excited about seeing the ‘data necklace‘ which her husband Stef had given her last week.
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Project 52, Week 23. You Found Me

Who wants a sneaky preview of the dress that my fantastic sponsor White Stuff have provided me with for the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards next week?

Yes? Okay, here you go then!

White Stuff So Me Dress Summer 2012

I am absolutely in love with it. Bring on BritMums Live!


Disclosure: White Stuff have agreed to provide me with one dress for the BiBS free of charge, in exchange for a mention on my blog.