My Word for 2014

Compass street art

Since my dear friend Emily – The Startup Wife – introduced me to the practice a couple of years ago, I’ve taken a morning or an evening every December to complete Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year workbook.

It’s a very worthwhile activity. Susannah challenges you, in the gentlest way possible, to look at the year that has just passed and reflect on what went well, what could have gone better, and what you’ve learned about yourself and others along the way.

You then take time to think about the year ahead and what your dreams, hopes and ambitions are, as well as noting any obstacles you expect to face and considering how you might overcome them. To tie all that together, you choose one word to keep in mind and inform your actions throughout the year – an overarching theme for everything that follows.

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Wearing your Tweets with Pride

tweet necklace twitter necklace

I had a lovely lunch with my friend Emily from The Startup Wife today. DorkySon and Emily’s son O are a similar age and are very cute to watch together. Her other son M is quite possibly the most adorable, laid back toddler I’ve ever met, with a smile that would shatter even the stoniest of hearts.

DorkySon and O were as excited as ever about the pizza, chips and ice cream that they always order in this restaurant. And I will confess that as well as being pleased to see Emily, I was *very* excited about seeing the ‘data necklace‘ which her husband Stef had given her last week.
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Guest Post: Drawing with Children

I am very excited indeedy to have a guest post from the lovely Emily Quinton on the blog today. Emily somehow finds the time to look after her three beautiful children, work as a brilliant wedding and family photographer, and run a parenting blog called The Start Up Wife. She tweets as @EmilyQuinton and has a sparkly new Facebook page here – so go and say hello after you’ve read this post about drawing with children.

kids arts and crafts
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