Guest Post: Drawing with Children

I am very excited indeedy to have a guest post from the lovely Emily Quinton on the blog today. Emily somehow finds the time to look after her three beautiful children, work as a brilliant wedding and family photographer, and run a parenting blog called The Start Up Wife. She tweets as @EmilyQuinton and has a sparkly new Facebook page here – so go and say hello after you’ve read this post about drawing with children.

kids arts and crafts
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A Tale of Two Paintings

DorkySon is massively into painting just now. He always asks if he can get his paints out about quarter to five – just when I’m about to start cooking his dinner – but because I’m so pleased that he’s got a new interest (which isn’t related to trucks in any way) I’m always happy to spend some time getting messy with him.

Last night I decided to show him one of my favourite things to do with paint – folding a piece of paper in half, putting splodges of colour on one side and then squishing it together to make a ‘beautiful butterfly’.
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My Guide to Edinburgh: O – R

So after a quick break for some Thanksgiving turkey and spot of armchair activism for Save the Children, I’m back to writing my Edinburgh Guide. Don’t get too excited! Today you get the entries from O-R (a mere 1200 words…), and I’m hoping to do the last two entries later this week. Thanks for sticking with me through this…
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