A Tale of Two Paintings

DorkySon is massively into painting just now. He always asks if he can get his paints out about quarter to five – just when I’m about to start cooking his dinner – but because I’m so pleased that he’s got a new interest (which isn’t related to trucks in any way) I’m always happy to spend some time getting messy with him.

Last night I decided to show him one of my favourite things to do with paint – folding a piece of paper in half, putting splodges of colour on one side and then squishing it together to make a ‘beautiful butterfly’.
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Cut, stick, glue! My scrapbooking son.

We are currently working its way through one large Pritt Stick a week. It seems that scrapbooking is the activity of the moment.

DorkySon follows me around the house, chanting “Cut, stick, glue! Cut, stick, glue! Cut, stick, glue!” until I finally give in and sit down with him at the table, a tower of magazines in front of us.

I suspect it may be in his genes, as I spent ridiculous amounts of time and money doing the same thing as a teenager. But while I filled my scrapbooks up with pictures of boybands, carefully cut out from Smash Hits, DorkySon’s tastes are a little more highbrow.

So far he has shredded the entire collection of Lonely Planet magazines that were my birthday present last year. We have to hide the Saturday and Sunday supplements until we’ve read them; otherwise they end up in pieces across the living room floor. Last week I even found myself buying a copy of Top Gear magazine, because I knew it’d have enough pictures of cars to keep DorkySon happy for a whole afternoon. The only publications he won’t cut up are his own Peppa Pig and Bob the Builder magazines… funny that. Continue reading