Guest Post: Who Will Love Your Children?

Today’s guest post comes from Sarah at Grenglish, who has long been one of my favourite bloggers. Last time Sarah guest posted for me – Just the One – the response was overwhelming, and I have a feeling this beautiful post is going to get just as much love… 

Grenglish Blog

Since becoming a mother, there are a great many things I find myself worrying about every single day.

I worry how well my son is settling in at school, whether he eats all of his lunch, and if it is possible for him to escape from the school playground without anyone noticing.

At home, I worry if he is watching too much TV, if we should be doing more crafts, and if he has wiped his bottom properly. Continue reading

The Standoff

Everyone who goes to that park knows that it’s a pirate-ship plank.


Or at least they did until today.

The boys were lined up. Spiderman in front, with DorkySon second, and Lightning McQueen bringing up the rear.

They stood patiently, waiting their turn, assuming their fiercest, most swashbuckling pose, and then launching themselves along the plank, crashing to the sand below with a bellow.

But today there was a problem. Continue reading

1, 2, 3… Number Train Review

Lego number train

Here are three of DorkySon’s favourite things in the world.

  1. Trains
  2. LEGO
  3. Showing off how well he can count.

I don’t say yes to many review opportunities, but when Netmums asked if we’d like to try the new LEGO DUPLO counting train, I could not reply to the email quickly enough. DorkySon loves DUPLO. He will be four at the end of the month. He has some ‘big boy lego’ too. He likes his catamarans and his quad bikes if I’m there to help him, but DUPLO is the stuff he can really get to grips with on his own. Continue reading

New Shoes

Clarks Boys Stomposaurus

Every so often, something unexpected will really take my breath away as it reminds me how much DorkySon is growing up.

It’s not usually something big or significant that startles me into that realisation. We have dispensed with naps and nappies, with a minimum of fuss. Sippy cups and sleep suits are a thing of the past, and I haven’t shed a tear over either. But this weekend I had one of those moments where I stopped and looked at my boy, shaking my head in disbelief. Wow.

DorkySon needed new shoes. Continue reading