The Standoff

Everyone who goes to that park knows that it’s a pirate-ship plank.


Or at least they did until today.

The boys were lined up. Spiderman in front, with DorkySon second, and Lightning McQueen bringing up the rear.

They stood patiently, waiting their turn, assuming their fiercest, most swashbuckling pose, and then launching themselves along the plank, crashing to the sand below with a bellow.

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About a Boy

I have been trying to write this post for months, but it has been left lying dormant in my drafts folder. I’ve thought about it a lot, but when it came to the writing I couldn’t get beyond the first line. At least I couldn’t until last night, when I had something of a lightbulb moment.

Here’s that troublesome first line:

“I never realised how physical it would be, having a little boy.”
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