Project 52, Week 11


DorkySon has been playing with his boxes of Lego a lot this week. He has a real mixture of stuff – some very new Lego City sets that he has been given for birthdays and Christmases, but also a box that he calls his ‘make anything’ box. It’s a large collection of assorted bricks that has been passed down through my family – starting with my two older brothers before making its way to me and now, finally ending up with DorkySon.

You won’t get any better proof of Lego’s enduring popularity (and indeed how well it’s made!) than seeing a little boy in 2014 playing with bricks that were made in 1978!

1,2,3… Lego Duplo Number Train Review

Lego number train

Here are three of DorkySon’s favourite things in the world.

  1. LEGO
  2. Trains
  3. Showing off how well he can count.

I don’t say yes to many review opportunities, but when I was asked if we’d like to try the new LEGO DUPLO Number Train, I could not reply to the email quickly enough. DorkySon loves DUPLO. He will be four at the end of the month. He has some ‘big boy lego’ too. He likes his catamarans and his quad bikes if I’m there to help him, but DUPLO is the stuff he can really get to grips with on his own.

“Yes!” I said. “Yes, we’ll do it! How soon can we do it? Can you deliver it now?”

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My First Ever Craft Post

I am not the craftiest of people. I love to write and take photos, but anything involving more skill or dexterity than that is usually beyond me. At school, I once managed to stitch the fabric pencil case that I was making to my own tights…

But DorkyDad set me a challenge, and I couldn’t resist. He bought me a bottle of champagne for Mother’s Day. After we had quaffed it, and I was tidying up the kitchen, he mentioned seeing something online once about making a chair out of a champagne cork.

What?” I said, sounding a bit dubious.

Really.” he said. “You should Google it. It was very cool.
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