Guest Post: Who Will Love Your Children?

Today’s guest post comes from Sarah at Grenglish, who has long been one of my favourite bloggers. Last time Sarah guest posted for me – Just the One – the response was overwhelming, and I have a feeling this beautiful post is going to get just as much love… 

Grenglish Blog

Since becoming a mother, there are a great many things I find myself worrying about every single day.

I worry how well my son is settling in at school, whether he eats all of his lunch, and if it is possible for him to escape from the school playground without anyone noticing.

At home, I worry if he is watching too much TV, if we should be doing more crafts, and if he has wiped his bottom properly. Continue reading

Just the One

Today’s lovely guest post moved me to tears. It’s by one of my very favourite bloggers, Sarah at Grenglish, whose blog you can find here, and who you can say hello to on Twitter here.


‘Just the one’ we say when someone offers us something we consider delicious, indulgent and chocolately.

‘Just the one’ we might insist when someone tries to refill our glass with something chilled and bubbly.

It is a phrase that is used time and time again when we fancy a polite taste of something nice, but without actually scoffing the whole packet of biscuits, or polishing off the whole bottle of wine.

It is also a phrase that I have personally always struggled with, but never more so than when people ask me how many children I have, and I reply ‘just the one’. Continue reading

Thanks for a MAD weekend.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve finally mustered the energy to put together a quick post about the MAD Blog Awards which took place in London on Friday night.

It’s just going to be a great big post full of *thank yous* to be honest.

White Stuff Upon a Time dress

Thank you to White Stuff for providing my lovely dress. I really hope no-one took any pictures of me from behind at the awards, because I only realised on Saturday morning that I’d forgotten to snip the big label out of the back. This is just one of many reasons why I am not a fashion blogger.

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read autumn leaf

The adorable Sarah did a great post over at Grenglish the other week about memories; asking people to consider which memories they’d keep if they had to pay for them.

It has provided a lovely opportunity to spend lots of time daydreaming, and revisiting some of the happiest times in my life. Of course, we’ve all had some horrible times in our lives too – memories that we’d quite like to take back to the shop for a refund – but there’s not much point in dwelling on those. The value of the good memories by far outweighs the value of the bad ones.
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