Chalk and Cheese

I’m taking some time offline over the next week or so, but to keep things busy on here I’ve invited some of my favourite blogging friends to write guest posts for me. Today’s is from Anya, who blogs as Older Single Mum and also as The Healer. You can say hello to her on Twitter here.

Older Single Mum

This is Aiden, a few weeks short of his fourth Birthday.  He’s a consummate comedian and puts the manic into maniac.

It struck me recently that he’s the same age his brother was when he came along and I can’t believe how different they are. Continue reading

Thanks for a MAD weekend.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve finally mustered the energy to put together a quick post about the MAD Blog Awards which took place in London on Friday night.

It’s just going to be a great big post full of *thank yous* to be honest.

White Stuff Upon a Time dress

Thank you to White Stuff for providing my lovely dress. I really hope no-one took any pictures of me from behind at the awards, because I only realised on Saturday morning that I’d forgotten to snip the big label out of the back. This is just one of many reasons why I am not a fashion blogger.

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