My Word for 2014

Compass street art

Since my dear friend Emily – The Startup Wife – introduced me to the practice a couple of years ago, I’ve taken a morning or an evening every December to complete Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year workbook.

It’s a very worthwhile activity. Susannah challenges you, in the gentlest way possible, to look at the year that has just passed and reflect on what went well, what could have gone better, and what you’ve learned about yourself and others along the way.

You then take time to think about the year ahead and what your dreams, hopes and ambitions are, as well as noting any obstacles you expect to face and considering how you might overcome them. To tie all that together, you choose one word to keep in mind and inform your actions throughout the year – an overarching theme for everything that follows.

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Ten in Ten

I’ve been tagged by lovely Angie over at Cakes Photos Life to do the 10 in 10 meme. 

The idea is to write a list of hopes and dreams that you wish to be fulfilled within 10 years. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like – add pictures, descriptions and how you will achieve these if you can/want.

Start with number 10 and make it the one you think is easiest to achieve, working down to the one that will take the most work, money or just plain impossible.

I found this a toughy… and if I’m honest this is a slightly edited version – some of the things that I really, really want I don’t really want to put up on the blog – I’m a bit daft and superstitious like that! But it has been a really helpful exercise in working out what my personal priorities are.

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