Project 52: Week 41

fashionABLE scarf

My lovely blogging friend Michelle from Mummy from the Heart is just back from a visit to Ethiopia with ONE, and I’m absolutely thrilled to pieces that she brought me back one of these lovely fashionABLE scarves.

I love me a wee scarf – they can hide all manner of sins – and I’ve already made use of it today as there was a wee chill in the air in Hertfordshire!

Michelle actually visited the site in Ethiopia where the scarves are made, and if you’re interested you can pop over to her blog and read her post about one of the workers there – Mulu – along with posts about some of the other people she met and places she visited in Ethiopia.

Many thanks, Mich, for something that I will genuinely treasure.

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    • I wore mine out today and as I was standing in Sainsbury’s I noticed a wee spider crawling up it! Eek! Think it was a Hertfordshire spider, not an Ethiopian one though 🙂 xx

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