Supporting TwoMums on their OneMums Journey

OneMums OneMoms campaign

A few days ago I did a post over on the Blog4Charity site about my blogging friends Michelle and Jen who are currently in Ethiopia with the One Campaign.

Jen (who is a co-founder of BritMums) and Michelle (who blogs as Mummy from the Heart) have both been hugely supportive and encouraging in my short time as a blogger, and I’m really pleased that I can help tell their stories to a wider audience.

They have travelled to Ethiopia with a larger group of American bloggers, and are spending their time there visiting a lot of projects – everything from education to health – to see firsthand how One’s work is helping to improve lives. I know that when they get back both Jen and Michelle will have lots to say about their trip, but in the meantime the best way to get a feel for what they are doing is to check out the incredible OneMums photos on Pinterest.

Back here in the UK, Clare from Seasider in the City has organised a linky where we all use the acrostic ‘OneMums’ to talk about what being a parent means to us. Here’s my attempt.

O – Ouch! Sharp little Lego bricks all over the floor!

N – Nothing better than little boy cuddles

E – Enormous responsibility

M – More fun than I could ever have imagined

U – Unconditional love

M – Motherhood. The best job in the world

S – Strawberry yoghurt kisses

To find out the many different ways that you can support Jen and Michelle, or to become more involved in the One campaign, read this post over at Blog4Charity.

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