Festive Reflections

Fresh garden peas

Christmas, like pretty much everything else, feels a lot mellower over here. Perhaps it’s because it falls mid-summer rather than mid-winter, so we’re all busy enjoying ourselves outdoors rather than clinging desperately onto the tiny glimmer of warmth and sparkle that tinsel and fairy lights can provide in the depths of a dark British winter.

Whatever the reason, this year feels like we are building a Christmas that fits our life, rather building our life around Christmas. It feels like it might be fun. Maybe even relaxing…

I really hope so. Recently I think we’ve all been feeling like our brains are being stretched in a few too many different directions at once. Continue reading

Who makes a material world?

Today’s guest post os from Donna, who can be found rambling, ranting and generally sounding off at Mummy Central. She is the mum of two boys, wife of Mr G and in the top four funniest people in her household. You can say hello on Facebook or on Twitter

anti capitalist graffiti

The moaning has started at the school gates already.

With thoughts turning to Christmas shopping, it’s the usual stuff you hear at this time of year.

I just don’t know how I’m going to afford it.

We’ve bought out the entire toy shop.

I’ve never known such a spoiled child.

The general gist is the same.

Mums and Dads complaining about how much they are being forced to spend on their offspring. Continue reading

My Fantasy Christmas Dinner

The fantasy dinner party conversation is one that a lot of couples have when they first get together – it’s an interesting way of finding out someone’s interests and trying to deduce your compatibility. If your prospective partner wants to have Pol Pot round for a pizza, or Stalin round for a sausage stew, you may want to reconsider your relationship.

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