Project 52, Week 10

Wim Delvoye Chapel Last weekend we made it out to MOMA – the Saturday market at MONA – for the first time.

We didn’t stay long, just a couple of hours, but it was lovely to soak up some warm, late summer sun as we lounged around on the beanbags. DorkyDad made a brief appearance on stage for some poetry and music, DorkySon enjoyed exploring the wigwams and making some clay spoons in one of the tents, and I enjoyed both the ‘Wapple’ juice I got from one of the stalls (watermelon and apple, for the uninitiated), and a glass of Moorilla’s finest. Continue reading

Project 52: Week 1

In 2012 I completed the 52 Week Project – taking a photo a week and sharing it on the blog. Last year I decided not to do it again and, in retrospect, I regret that. 2013 was so busy for us, and my poor blog was often neglected for weeks at a time. It would have been nice to keep it ticking over with some simple photo posts. It would also have been nice to share some of our adventures in picture form, rather than always feeling the need to write a long post about them.

For those reasons, I’ve decided I’m going to try and complete Project 52 again in 2014. In addition to the basic rule of taking and sharing at least one photo each week, I’ve given myself two additional challenges.

Firstly, I want to start using my DSLR more, instead of always snapping away on my iPhone. I love the convenience of phone pics – I almost always have it with me, and I can upload photos straight to my blog or Facebook without having to transfer them onto my laptop first. But I have dedicated macro and portrait lenses for my lovely Nikon, and I am determined to make better use of them both this year. Continue reading