Project 52: Week 1

In 2012 I completed the 52 Week Project – taking a photo a week and sharing it on the blog. Last year I decided not to do it again and, in retrospect, I regret that. 2013 was so busy for us, and my poor blog was often neglected for weeks at a time. It would have been nice to keep it ticking over with some simple photo posts. It would also have been nice to share some of our adventures in picture form, rather than always feeling the need to write a long post about them.

For those reasons, I’ve decided I’m going to try and complete Project 52 again in 2014. In addition to the basic rule of taking and sharing at least one photo each week, I’ve given myself two additional challenges.

Firstly, I want to start using my DSLR more, instead of always snapping away on my iPhone. I love the convenience of phone pics – I almost always have it with me, and I can upload photos straight to my blog or Facebook without having to transfer them onto my laptop first. But I have dedicated macro and portrait lenses for my lovely Nikon, and I am determined to make better use of them both this year.

With that in mind, here is a macro shot of a tiny little feather that I found in our house the other day. It was on the floor by a window, so it must have fluttered in on the breeze. I loved how delicate it was, but also how bright.

red and grey feather macro photography

My second self imposed rule is to include myself in more photos. I much prefer hiding behind my camera to being in front of it, but as one or two friends have commented recently, DorkySon only has a tiny handful of shots where the two of us are together, and I want to change that. I promise I won’t turn into an obsessive selfie shooter, but I will sometimes make the effort to hand over my camera for full family photos, and I’ll be making better use of the reverse camera on my phone. Like this…


I plan to share my Project 52 pics on here every weekend, so I hope you’ll pop over for a look at them.

If you’ve got plans for your own blogging or photography in 2014, I would love you to let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I am so glad that you will be doing this again! I love your photography and always learn from your framing and use of textures. I am also glad we will also be seeing more of you! Happy New Year – happiest for those of us who will enjoy your craft!

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