Cheerio 2013!

That was quite a year, wasn’t it?

DorkyDad and I had a lovely time out at the Taste of Tasmania festival last night, and we were reflecting on what big changes there have been in our lives over the last twelve months. I thought I’d spend the last afternoon of 2013 pulling together a short roundup of posts and images from the blog. I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks so much for reading DorkyMum over the last twelve months. Every comment, every page view and every shared post still fills me with surprise and delight. I may not have the most readers in the parent blogosphere, but I definitely have the best ones…

Much love to you and your families – I hope 2014 is full of laughter, love and happiness.

Ruth x

Edinburgh in the snow

January was about writing my shovel list (and indeed lots of other lists), considering my employment options, and attending the launch of the IF campaign.

Harpenden in Winter

February was about missing a much loved friend, browsing charity shops for bargains, reminiscing about high school and university, and persuading people to talk about breastfeeding.

pretty pink flower

March was about poetry, books about climate change, acknowledging the wonderful women in my life, and creating an Alternative Cabinet of Bloggers.

retro Pepsi glass

April was about turning 30, reflecting on DorkySon turning four, enjoying the company of old friends, enjoying my own company, and remembering how to walk just for the joy of it.

cherry blossom

May was about more lovely walks, reflecting on some of the places I’ve lived, taking the time to appreciate the little things, and supporting a great campaign to improve maternity services in the UK.


June was about the need for activism not slacktivism, joining in with Older Mum’s One Week linky and writing about spring, and dealing with some difficult questions from DorkySon.

Hobart Tasmania boats

July was busy busy busy! It was about having lots of fun at BritMums Live, enjoying some quality family time up on the Isle of Harris, and sharing the news of our big move.

The Shore in Leith

August was another busy one! We had an incredible time traveling in the States, before we headed up to say our Edinburgh goodbyes. We got all emotional and cracked open our terramundi pots, before turning to look ahead at what was to come in Tasmania.

Tall Ships Festival Hobart

September was about DorkyDad saying goodbye on behalf of us all, and then me saying Hello from Hobart! Things were slightly calmer two weeks in, and the Tall Ships Festival was a real highlight.

holding a lemon

October was about celebrating one whole month in Tassie, and also celebrating our second spring of 2013. It was about a minor wobble, about getting old and about the Dorky Family’s Book Problem.

heart leaf

November was about moving house again. And, erm, that was about it really. The poor old blog was severely neglected in November.

International Wall of Friendship Hobart

December was about digging out my camera to capture some colour, planning our first Tassie Christmas, enjoying the fruits of all that planning, and choosing my Word for 2014.

Have you chosen yours yet?

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  1. I have been following your posts since your move abroad. I think you are such a brave family and it looks like it has been a great decision to move so I wish you whatever you wish for yourself in bucketloads, happy new year!

  2. What a year you’ve had!!! I hope you are feeling settling in Australia, although I know it can take time to adjust! Thanks for linking up x Karen

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