It’s a mad, brilliant, fresh, changing world!


It has all gone a bit blog award crazy recently. I’ve been posting bits and pieces on Facebook and Twitter, but thought it might make more sense to do one short blog post bringing it all together. I’m going to pimp the crazy out of this for a day, and drive you all mad, and then I will wheesht about it all. (Until, y’know, the closing dates are all drawing near and then I’ll pester you one more time!)

Firstly, thank you thank you thank you! The short lists for the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards were announced today, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have made it to the short list in not just one but two categories. Wow! Thank you so much for your votes, which have put me in the running for the Fresh Voices category (for newer bloggers) and the Change category (for bloggers who raise awareness of causes).

I’m absolutely honoured to see my blog on those lists – and looking at the competition I’m expecting to go no further. There are some really outstanding bloggers on the lists so I’m chuffed to have come this far and to be in their company.

That said, I’m getting less shy about asking for votes… My time spent door knocking and canvassing in election campaigns is finally coming in handy for something! So if you have enjoyed reading DorkyMum over the last year and you want to see me as a BritMums finalist, I’m afraid you’ll have to take another few minutes to cast your vote for me again, which you can do by following the link below.

I’ll be grabbing a nifty wee badge in a day or two and putting it over on the side of my blog… But in the meantime you can vote here.

BritMums Brilliance in Blogging

Secondly. It’s a mad world, eh?

No, not that kind of mad. MAD! As in, Mums and Dads…

The MAD blog awards have also just opened up for nominations. Open to all parent bloggers, there are 20 shiny, sparkly categories for you to consider – everything from photography to travel to crafts.

As I’m still a bit of a newbie on the blogging circuit – I haven’t even been writing for a year yet – so I’m asking people to consider me for the best new blog award.

If you want to nominate in any of the themed categories – like new blog – you also have to give some thought to who you want to nominate in the Blogger of the Year award because that’s compulsory.

I’m going to have lots of fun reading blogs over the weekend (any excuse, eh?) and making my decisions.

Again, if you’ve enjoyed reading DorkyMum over the last year please consider taking a few minutes to vote for me by following the link below.

And if you haven’t? Well then move along. Nothing to see here…!

MAD Blog Awards 2012

Finally, another big thank you to whoever nominated me for the Circle of Moms Top Political Bloggers. I’m very chuffed, especially as my political rants have been so few and far between recently. Along with the excellent Cat from Political Mummy, I’ve been doing my best to represent Team GB on that list – but the Moms for Sarah Palin have been catching up with us over the last few days, so if you’ve got energy for one last vote, please head over and vote for me here. Think of it less as a pro-Dorky vote and more of an anti-Palin vote if that motivates you…

Hopefully that’s it on the voting requests for a while! Good luck to everyone involved – what a heartening thing it is to see so much good writing out there, and bloggers being so well recognised and rewarded for it – and thank you again for all your support. You’re the best!

2 responses

  1. All well deserved! I am expecting to go no further either but am honoured to see my blog up there in such good company. Love your blog and do think you are in with a really really good chance.

  2. Oh someone must have liked what they’ve read because SURPRISE!! You’ve been nominated in the Parentdish Best MAD Blog Writer. I know you know this already but you could be in with a shot of winning some fantastic family festival voucher and new children’s bikes. If you’d like to download a badge to let your readers know about the awards from our website

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