One Year On…

Last week marked one year exactly since we moved from Edinburgh to Hertfordshire, and I am pretty proud of how we are doing.

DorkySon has settled amazingly well in his new nursery – it has been an absolute delight seeing him grow in confidence, become so much more curious about the world he lives in, and spend the majority of his time as an incredibly happy wee boy. He is a lot of fun to spend time with right now.

DorkyDad is working harder than I have ever seen, learning new skills and absorbing information about a sector he hasn’t worked in before, travelling to parts of the world he never imagined visiting, and trying hard not to let the unpleasantness of a daily commute get him down.

I feel like I have whinged quite a bit about things since we moved – and it’s no secret that we don’t want to live here forever – but it has also brought some amazing opportunities for us all.

So I decided to have a read back through some of my blog posts, and reflect on ten things – big and small – that we would not have had the chance to do if we hadn’t made the move. Continue reading

Project 52: Week 4

Here’s a funny, slightly surreal photo for Week 4 of the 52 Week Project. It looks to me like a scene from an old movie, featuring a small blonde intruder who has snuck onto the set.

We went on a lovely Dorky Adventure today – a morning at the London Transport Museum, followed by lunch at a steak house in Covent Garden.

The museum was great – lots of old buses and trains for climbing into, as well as a demo car from the new Emirates Air Line, which for some reason was DorkySon’s favourite.

As you can see from the picture above, DorkySon discovered that there is a big advantage to being toddler sized – you can slip past the security barriers and into some of the trains that aren’t supposed to have visitors. Although why you’d want to get any closer to those creepy mannequins is beyond me.