A Very British Identity Crisis


I haven’t written much about the European Referendum, but I’m very happy to have a guest post about it on the blog today. This is from my brother Ewan Cameron. He doesn’t mind a wee bit of debate, so please feel free to leave a comment below. Image credit: Chris Lawton at Unsplash.

I am not a writer, and as a journalist once told me (so it must be true) I am not a ‘political animal.’ I most definitely felt until recently that I had no national identity whatsoever. However, when my head is positively spinning with thought I do sometimes write things down in an attempt to find order. As I live in Scotland many of these thoughts currently whizzing around are a result of politics and involve matters of national identity so here goes.

I have a Scottish father and an English mother, which at least means I must be British. Until the age of ten this made absolutely no difference to me at all, I knew my mother was from a town called Leek in Staffordshire, I had grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins there who we saw twice a year or so and they were/are nice people and I enjoyed seeing them and that was as far as it went. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary!

The Hoxton Hotel London

I’ve just realised that I never got round to writing about our wedding anniversary, which was at the end of September. DorkyDad did say at the time that he was going to write me a guest post about it, but to be quite honest I think he has been working hard to forget it…

It was our fifth anniversary. We haven’t had many any nights out together since we moved house, so when we chatted over the summer about celebrating such a big occasion, we thought we’d do something quite special. But as the date came closer and other commitments were scribbled in both our diaries, we had to scale down our ambitions. Dreams of a long weekend by ourselves in Paris turned into dreams of a weekend somewhere on the Kent coast, and then, eventually to a night in London, chaperoned by DorkySon.

Our anniversary was a Saturday. Friday night was the Mad Blog Awards. Before I left on Friday afternoon, DorkyDad and DorkySon followed a treasure hunt that I had created around the house, at the end of which was an envelope containing a restaurant menu, a hotel booking and a bag of jellybeans. That set the romantic tone of the weekend right there. Continue reading

The Summer Slump

I am in a bit of a funny place with blogging at the moment. Not a slump, exactly, but I’ve definitely slowed down. I feel like I’m doing a lot of photo posts, and not very much writing. I think it’s partly because the weather has been so much better, so rather than spending my spare time sitting in front of the computer, I’ve been out and about walking, running, and using my camera.

I think it’s also just the time of year when a lot of bloggers are taking a break because of the summer holidays. We are off ourselves in a few weeks, and I plan to schedule some guest posts, but take some proper time off myself.
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A Walk

I was chatting to a friend last week, someone who lives in the same town, and we confessed a slightly shameful secret. We love to take our cameras with us when we go out – she is a much, much better photographer than I am – but we both find the countryside around here completely uninspiring. I had never thought of myself as an ‘urban’ girl, but I would far rather take photos walking down a street of grotty graffiti than I would take photos of the fields and rolling countryside around Hertfordshire. I just find it all a bit… well, dull.

On Sunday it was a lovely sunny day, so I thought I’d try and snap myself out of the photographic funk by going out for a long walk with DorkySon.

We started in the park as usual.

Rothamsted Park, Harpenden, Hertfordshire
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