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  1. That’s really beautiful! I certainly think that b & w images have much more impact than colour ones.

    • Oh David, there’s a question. Yes – I use a Nikon D90 and take everything in colour. Only shoot in jpeg not RAW. I have Photoshop Elements installed on my computer but have never actually used it because I haven’t made time to find my way round properly. At the moment I just use an online editor called PicMonkey. It would be very laborious if you had a lot of photos to edit because you have to upload them individually and then save back onto your hard drive, but for the occasional one that you want to tweak it’s very easy. I only use the free version – which allows you to play with contrast, brightness etc -but you can pay per month to get a ‘Royale’ subscription which allows you more tools and textures. I’m a completely instinctive photographer and editor though – I just mess around until things look kinda how I want them to, with little understanding of how I made that happen. One day, I will learn about it all properly… one day!

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