The Summer Slump

I am in a bit of a funny place with blogging at the moment. Not a slump, exactly, but I’ve definitely slowed down. I feel like I’m doing a lot of photo posts, and not very much writing. I think it’s partly because the weather has been so much better, so rather than spending my spare time sitting in front of the computer, I’ve been out and about walking, running, and using my camera.

I think it’s also just the time of year when a lot of bloggers are taking a break because of the summer holidays. We are off ourselves in a few weeks, and I plan to schedule some guest posts, but take some proper time off myself.

I’ve got a lot of half written posts sitting in my drafts folder though, and lots of scribbled ideas in various notebooks around the house. I don’t see much point in forcing myself to write when it’s not what I feel like doing, but I’m hoping I’ll get back to them when this sunny spell is over.

Meantime, I hope you like some of these pictures from a long walk I took the other day. I’m quite enjoying learning to take photos of the countryside. You have to look a lot harder to find interesting things than you do in the city, but that’s no bad thing.

Rothamsted Research Harpenden

Harpenden HertfordshireHArpenden Hertfordshireshadow of handHarpenden HertfordshireHarpenden Hertfordshirejet in blue skyJust as a very unscientific poll… if I turned some of my photos into giftcards, and sold them through the blog, with the proceeds going to charity, would any of you be interested in buying some?

11 responses

  1. Yes, you take great photos. I too am finding blogging a little harder at the moment, and I like you will be taking a break over the Summer – helps to breathe some life back into my writing again!

  2. I think blogging ebbs and flows, or at least mine certainly does. Probably best not to force it and it’ll come back. Meantime, keep on with the photos, they’re lovely.

  3. when I took a step back thru illness I remember you telling me to take it easy – that you would still all be here when I was ready to return – and I say the same to you now. The best bit of blogging is that it’s your out,et and poss the only area of your life over which you might have control – xx

  4. I really really like the meadow picture with the poppies and daisys, thank you for sharing. Blog when you want to blog otherwise its no fun! I’ve tried ‘forcing’ out a post and you then feel in even more of a slump because you are not happy with it.

    PS – I’m going to do a flower post in my lunch break walk – do you use photo editing? – I’ve not got this and I’m looking to be a bit more creative. Would like some tips if you have any?

  5. I’m more than happy to come here to find your beautiful photographs, so I’m happy you’re still posting even if you’re feeling a bit of a slump. Your photos are just as engaging as your writing. And yes, I’d definitely buy some as gift cards – great idea. x

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