London 2012 – seen through social media

We are off on a DorkyHoliday this week, but I’ve got a few guest posts lined up to keep the blog busy. This rather fabulous one that I’m kicking off with is from Being Mrs C, who you can find blogging here and tweeting here.

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee appeared in the London Olympics opening ceremony there were probably a fair few people watching around the world who wondered who he was and why he was there. Being the geeky engineering type that I am I knew exactly who he was (I’ve even seem him speak once) but even still I thought the idea of celebrating the role of the internet and all things digital in an Olympic opening ceremony a bit surprising. But then again so was the inclusion of Mr Bean and Her Majesty the Queen parachuting in!
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My Olympic Morning

Sometimes life is very kind indeed.

I went into London for a haircut on Thursday morning, but when I hopped off the tube there was a message from the salon saying that my stylist had called in sick, and could I see someone else an hour later.

Could I sit for an hour in the sun, with a second breakfast? Sure I could.

smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
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A Race Worth Winning

David Beckham global hunger summit

Back in February, I did a post about the launch of Save the Children’s Name A Day campaign, which called on the Prime Minister David Cameron to name a day when he would host a global summit on child malnutrition.

In May, he did name a day, and now that day has almost come. The Global Hunger Summit will take place next week – on the last day of the Olympics.
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