(Slightly late) Tuesday Treats

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One of the things I found most frustrating during my time away from social media was not being able to share great content. I was still following all my favourite blogs on Bloglovin, but even when I read something I loved I wasn’t able to shout about it like I usually do.

What I did instead was favourite them all to share in this longer than usual edition of Tuesday Treats – the weekly roundup of top blog posts curated by me, Chris at Thinly Spread, Lizzie at Me and My Shadow, and Becky at Baby Budgeting. I hope you enjoy at least one or two of these, and I would love you to share some links to things you’ve read and loved recently in the comments below. Continue reading

Tuesday Treats – an extra turn!

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Under normal circumstances, it would be the turn of Christine at Thinly Spread to share her Tuesday Treats today. But if you follow Christine’s blog at all you’ll know she has been a very busy lady organising lots of blogger support for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. Find out how you can get involved yourself here.

Christine’s hectic schedule means I’m taking an extra turn on the Tuesday Treats roundabout. It’s perhaps just as well, because I’ve read SO many good posts recently – this is already going to be a fairly epic collection – if I’d had to wait another fortnight for my turn to come around it would have ended up novel-length.

If you haven’t read a Tuesday Treats post before, it’s a collection of great posts from all around the blogsophere that the curators – myself, Chris, Becky at Baby Budgeting and Lizzie at Me and My Shadow – think deserve a little love. So please pop over and read one or two of the suggested posts, as well as leaving a link in the comments to anything you’ve read and enjoyed recently yourself. Hopefully there’s something to please everyone among this bunch… Continue reading

Tuesday Treats

Hello hello.

You remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post sharing some links to other blogs that I liked? Well the idea grew a bit, and it has turned into a ‘thing’. Chris from Thinly Spread, Becky from Baby Budgeting, and Lizzie from Missie Lizzie B have joined me, and the four of us going to take it in turns to run a post called Tuesday Treats.

It’s an excuse for you to take ten minutes out of your morning, sit down with a biscuit and a cuppa, and catch up with some good reads from around the blogosphere.

We’ve had a bit of a false start – for the last three weeks it has been called Friday Finds – but then we realised that the Tots 100 host something similar on a Friday called Fresh Five. So we have jiggled ourselves around a bit and we’re now settled on Tuesday Treats. By next week there *may* even be a badge.

Anyway, enough spraff from me. Here are some of the posts that I’ve loved recently. Continue reading